Feb 24 2020

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Student loans


Student loans

Canada Student Loans, the Repayment Assistance Plan, log in to the National Student Loan Service Centre, find provincial and territorial student financial aid offices, and learn how to manage and reduce student loan debt.

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Get a student loan

Apply for Canada Student Loans

Student loans for eligible full- and part-time post-secondary students in most provinces and territories.

Apply for a Canada Apprentice Loan

Loans to help apprentices finish their apprenticeship in a Red Seal trade.

Master Student Financial Assistance Agreement

Responsibilities, terms and conditions of accepting and repaying your student loans.

Student loans and Grants eligibility assessment thresholds

Tables used by provinces and territories to calculate the loan or grant amount a student can get.

Provincial and territorial information for Canada Student Loans and Grants

Student financial aid programs in each province and territory.

Provincial and territorial student financial assistance offices

Contact information for student financial assistance offices in each province and territory.

Interest rates for Canada Student Loans

Fixed and floating interest rates for Canada Student Loans.

Student loans from banks

Information on student loans offered by financial institutions.

Student lines of credit

How student lines of credit work, how to apply for one and how to pay it back.

Maintain student loans

Student loan forms

Forms to change bank accounts, change payment due dates, confirm enrolment, apply for loans and grants, and more.

Maintain your Canada Student Loan

How to stay in touch with your loan provider, prove that you are a student and confirm your reservist status.

Pay back student loans

How to pay back student loans

When to start paying back your student loan and how to make payments.

Apply for the Repayment Assistance Plan

Reduce your monthly student loan payment.

Increase or decrease student loan repayments

Decrease or increase student loan payments.

Manage student loan debt

Make lump-sum payments, increase monthly payment amounts, and tax credits for student loans.

Apply for Severe Permanent Disability Benefit

Cancel your student loans if you have a severe permanent disability.

Apply for Canada Student Loan forgiveness for family doctors and nurses

Loan forgiveness for eligible family doctors, residents in family medicine and nurses.

Bring your Canada Student Loan out of collection

Have your loan returned to the National Student Loans Service Centre from collection.

Student loans and bankruptcy

How bankruptcy affects your student loan debts.


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The new Canada Apprentice Loan offers up to $4,000 interest-free per period of Red Seal technical training to help you complete your apprenticeship.

See what jobs are available at ESDC/ Service Canada.


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