Mar 1 2020

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Loans explained


Loans explained

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Reorg has acquired a controlling stake in Debt Explained

Reorg has acquired a controlling stake in Debt Explained, the leading provider of data and analysis on the European high-yield and leverage loan markets.

Sponsor Magic: Asset Sale Proceeds Disappearing Tricks

In European senior leveraged loans, what happens to cash received from sold material assets has become ever more complicated and the balance has swung in favour of sponsors. Traditionally, senior secured lenders would have first ‘dibs’ but this is no longer the case. We explore how the pool of asset sale proceeds available to senior lenders has drained to its shallowest point.

Debt Explained launches Aggressive Covenant Terms Scoring

Aggressive Covenant Terms Scoring (ACTS) provides a data-driven score of the “standard aggressive terms” of every new European HYB issue

Case Studies

Ashurst stays on top with Market Maker

Leading international law firm Ashurst has a dedicated high yield team in London. The team prides itself on being able to offer client-led solutions across the range of funding packages. To enable it to stay on top of the market, the firm uses Debt Explained data.

Battle Lines Drawn During the Syndication Process

The syndication process is proving to be contentious thus far in 2018 with the vast majority of deals now feeling the pressure of investor pushback during the syndication phase. Some 89% of deals are seeing documentary or pricing changes made, up from 77% in 2017.

Case Studies

Taking Advantage of a Trading Opportunity

The loan market is not only private and confidential but can also present real time pressures. Using Loan Review Service, a UK-based fund manager navigated these challenges profitably.


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