Apr 22 2020

90 pop stars

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Ah, female pop singers. They were a staple of every ’90s and ’00s kid’s childhood, because, when we weren’t arguing over the musical superiority of *NSYNC over the Backstreet Boys, we were trying to dress and dance and act like Britney Spears in…

Your Favorite ’90s & Early ’00s Female Pop Singer Says A Lot About You As A Person

Ah, female pop singers. They were a staple of every ’90s and ’00s kid’s childhood, because, when we weren’t arguing over the musical superiority of *NSYNC over the Backstreet Boys, we were trying to dress and dance and act like Britney Spears in “Hit Me Baby One More Time.” Yes, no matter what age we actually were in the ’90s. Just like whether you were more of an *NSYNC girl or more of a Backstreet Boys girl (or more of a Hanson girl) determined what friends you had and what kind of person you were, so too did your favorite female pop singer say a lot about you as a person. Sure, it wouldn’t make or break a friendship whether you were more into Britney Spears or X-Tina, but it did give people an early indication of what to expect from you as a person.

No, really. Just like fashion, music tells you a lot about a person’s personality and tastes. That’s just a given. And while some of these pop stars may be completely foreign to children who didn’t live through the ’90s and early ’00s, back in the day — oh my god I feel so old — they were all the rage. So what did your favorite female pop singer say about you? It’s time to find out.

Britney Spears

You’ve always wanted to be a good girl gone bad, but you’ve never quite pulled it off. Oh, sure, you can do the Bad Girl well, but there’s always something a little wholesome about you. Despite that, you’re incredibly talented at the things that you put your mind to, and you’re very good at getting other people to fall in love with you. Also, you and your boyfriend or girlfriend like to wear matching outfits.

You are a survivor. You always seem to try your best, only to have things not turn out as successfully as you want them to, but that doesn’t mean that you give up. You’re talented, and you know it, and your friends know it, too. Even though you’ve had to deal with a lot of setbacks, your strength is in your determination, and in your knowledge that you can do any job well when you really put your mind to it. And, in case anyone is wondering, the boy is yours.

Christina Aguilera

Let’s be real. You have raw talent up exuding from your every pore. If you’re not a phenomenal singer, then you at least have a ton of natural talent in another field that should make you a cut above the rest. Despite that, you often get overlooked for one reason or another, which you can often find a little frustrating. It’s taken you a while to find your sound and figure out who you are as a person, but that early confusion has only made you stronger.

You have more of a religious background than many of your friends, and you’re proud of that. It doesn’t define you, but it definitely guides you throughout your life and decisions. You’re multitalented, despite the fact that you haven’t necessarily had the easiest life in the world to this point, and, every time that life knocks you down, you come back twice as strong as before. And, in case anyone is wondering, no, the boy is yours.

Mandy Moore

You are sweeter than apple pie, which is both your best and worst quality. It means that you have a lot of friends who like you very much, but it also means that you tend to get overlooked — and might not have anyone that you’d really qualify as your “best friend.” Being a Disney Princess does have its drawbacks when you want more out of life than for a prince to come, you know? Once you find your niche, you’ll have an easier time standing out.

Natalie Imbruglia

You are the realtalker of your friends. Sure, you know how to soften your words when necessary, but you’re the one who is singing — I mean, talking — about real issues, real problems, and real pain. Even when you’re upbeat, it tends to be with a practical edge that can make you occasionally come across as a “downer.” You also have a fun and dirty sense of humor — although you get most of your jokes off the Internet and just let everyone think you came up with them yourself.

Stacie Orrico

You’re not the loudest person in the world, but, when you have something to say, you know how to make the world stop and listen. You’re a true romantic, which makes it even more of a shame that you seem to have constant relationship drama. You’re not whiny about it or anything, but why is it that all the people you fall for turn out to be such jerks? Good thing you have great friends and a great outlook on life to see you through even the stupidest late-night fight with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

You are the big sister of your group of friends, because you are wise beyond your years and have been in the game for a long, long time. Seriously, you’ve been there, done that, and manufactured the t-shirt. You’re a genius at re-inventing yourself, but none of your re-inventions ever seem like a lie: it just seems like your personality is evolving naturally with the times, while still remaining true to itself. You also really like kissing people regardless of sexual orientation.

First of all, Legally Blonde is your favorite movie, bar none. And summer is your favorite season. You’re a total and unabashed girly girl, who has turned that into your greatest strength. You’re also a feminist who not only knows what the word means but who also goes out of their way to educate others on what the word means. Naturally, you have a girl squad of trusted friends to rely on as you go through life, and your iPod is full of pop princesses — like Hoku, for example.

Fefe Dobson

You are all about the attitude. Not in the bad way, but in the “I know what I want, and I’m going to go after it” way. You fear no one and nothing, and your friends admire you for your bravery and your brutal honesty. Sometimes you can be a little too brutal, but you always have the best intentions, and your friends know that you always have their backs. You have a softer side as well that very few get to see.

You don’t handle change very well. Sure, you act like you do, but you really don’t like to be separated from your family and friends for very long. You’re a homebody, and one of those people who writes an overly long message in everybody’s yearbooks that takes up half a page and includes a bunch of inside jokes that will be incomprehensible 20 years later. You’re also super into scrapbooking for no apparent reason.

Mariah Carey

You are a queen. No, you are the queen. When kings are deposed and empires fall, you’ll be reigning supreme without even messing up your hair. You own the word diva and turn it into a character strength rather than a character flaw, and for good reason. Not only are you insanely talented, but you’re also very, very aware of that fact. Some might call you arrogant, but is it arrogance if it’s true?

It’s like looking into a mirror to your soul, isn’t it? You’re welcome.


90 pop stars


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