Apr 24 2020

Korean pop star female

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Once you go Kpop, you never go back! Hot girls dancing around in short and tight outfits? Hot girls dancing in cute pink outfits? Kpop has you covered!

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Once you see who the most beautiful girls in K-pop are, your jaw will drop! You might also be interested in voting the hottest guys in K-pop as well. Hot girls dancing around in short and tight outfits? Hot Korean girls dancing in cute pink outfits? Yep, spend some time on YouTube watching these hotties and surely you will become the biggest K-pop fan! Be sure to also vote for the best K-pop songs of 2017. Who do you think is the prettiest K-pop girl?

These are the hottest female Korean pop stars on the planet (the cutest K-pop girl is determined by you)! Even if you don’t follow Kpop too closely, you may have seen or heard of these hot K-pop girls. Do you think Im Yoona deserves the top spot or maybe Sandara Park? Every year, new and pretty K-pop singers are competing to be the most popular celeb. YG Entertainment’s latest girl group BLACKPINK features four members who are all contenders for this list (particularly Jennie and Jisoo). AOA’s Seolhyun also quickly rose in popularity since she became the face of Acuvue and Sprite. Other K-pop idols are also models!

If you follow K-pop, you definitely need to weigh in with your favorite! Vote up the ones you think deserve the title of hottest K-pop girl or add an idol you don’t see on the list. With their beauty, charm, and figure, the following K-pop babes are even considered to be the prettiest women in the world.

Lee Ji-eun (born May 16, 1993), professionally known as IU, is a South Korean singer-songwriter and actress. While still in middle school, IU auditioned for various talent agencies with ambitions of becoming a singer. She signed with Kakao M (formerly LOEN Entertainment) in 2007 as a trainee and began her music career at the age of 15 with her debut album, Lost and Found. Her follow-up albums, Growing Up and IU. IM, brought her mainstream success, but it was through “Good Day”, the lead single from her 2010 album Real, that she achieved national stardom. With the success of her 2011 albums, Real+ and Last Fantasy, IU established herself as a formidable force on the music charts of her . more on Wikipedia

Labels: LOEN Entertainment, EMI Music Japan, Gold Typhoon

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Korean pop star female


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