Apr 25 2020

Rockstar company

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Rockstar Vapor Co. – Electronic Cigarette and E Liquids provider in Pakistan, Pakistan Ejuice and E-Liquids

Rockstar company

Clear Round Glass Bottles With Droppers 30ml & 60ml

Use these bottles to store and accurately dispense tiny amounts of fluids. The dropper is made of glass, so it won’t interact with oils or chemicals. They’re perfect for storing and dispensing liquid, sweeteners, dyes, or essential oils.

Coil Master Vape Carry Bags

BONZA RDA – VandyVape

The Bonza RDA is a collaborative effort by Vandy Vape and the international reviewer The Vaping Bogan, featuring a two-post design with fixed screws mechanism as well as a unique spring-loaded clamp mechanism to pair with parallelogram airfllow.

PYRO RDTA – Vandy Vape

Vandy Vape Pyro 24 RDTA is the latest product of Vandyvape. With the mixed airflow intake system, Vandyvape Pyro 24 RDTA is designed to bring you extreme flavor. The postless deck supports both single and dual coil building. With the 510 adapter, Vandyvape Pyro 24 RDTA is compatible with both 810 and 510 drip tip.

Cotton Bacon V2 – Wick ‘N’ Vape

The First Organic Cotton Engineered by Vapers for Vapers! It’s Not Just Cotton, It’s Cotton Bacon! Now upgraded to V2 for a purer and cleaner taste and vape! The Organic Cotton Bacon in each V2 pack is denser!

Pear Factor – Double K | 10ml

Perfect mixture of fresh tropical pear fruit with blasting flavour and mild cooling exprience
PG 60% VG 40%

Berry Crunch- Mr. Juicer | 10ml

Base flavor : Berry crunch with hazelnut

LOOPER – ANML | 60ml

Looper by ANML is the newest addition to ANML’s growing e-liquid collection, perfected and made by hand in small batches by Phillip Rocke. Looper carries a remarkably accurate flavor of fruity cereal over creamy milk; it has a complex-yet-immediately-familiar taste that flawlessly balances the crispness of a newly-opened box of fruity cereal with the rich, indulgent flavor of fresh milk.

Phillip Rocke has once again elevated industry standards, re-thinking from the ground up a flavor that is often-duplicated, but never perfected. Juxtaposing a smooth, full-bodied inhale against crisp notes of fruit and milk upon exhale, Looper is a category-killer that stands out in the crowded category of dime-a-dozen desserty cereal juice flavors.


Bottle Size: 60ml


American flavours, Malaysian blend. Enough said.

Malaysia’s best creamy and desert flavor line!


Insanely delicious butterscotch doughnut, Malaysia’s best creamy and desert flavor line!


Chinggey is Malaysia’s top creamy flavor series that is blended like american dessert flavors.

Bold coffee blended with a splash of cream


Chinggey is Malaysia’s top creamy flavor series that is blended like american dessert flavors.

A blend of juicy strawberries and rich cream to produce this delicious milky strawberry e-juice.

Apple PIE- Dinner Lady | 60ml

Handpicked fresh apples mixed with a perfect blend of caramelized brown sugar, a hint of cinnamon covered in a blanket of crust

Felon 11 – Tobacco Range by DinnerLady

A delight for the more traditional vaper. A smooth tobacco blend that is sure to delight. Flu cured Kentucky leaves are married with burley and Virginia for an almost sweet, slightly bitter and naturally rounded taste

Sweet Fusion – Dinner Lady | 60ml

The best fusion of ingredient to produce the tastiest e juice you’ve ever inhaled must come from the sweetest fruits. A medley of the best berries, melons and many other fruits guarantees you’ll taste the sweetest vapor that represents nature’s delicious treasures blended together in a hazy union. This is what you’ll be tasting when you fill your tank with Sweet Fusion e liquid. Sweet Fusion is the vape form of one of the most popular fruity candies ever created. We know a complex mixture of multiple fruits seems like the creators may have just thrown together a random fruity concoction. However, one pull of this vapor and you’ll know the recipe for the finished product is 100% intentional. An expert level of craftsmanship went into the brewing of Sweet Fusion e liquid. While we don’t know which specific fruits were used or the amounts of juices from whichever fruits, we don’t question the makers’ process because we know their results, and so will you once you fill your tank and take your first pull. You’ll get a plethora of sweet and tart fruity flavors that bounce around in your mouth, invoking feelings of curiosity. Then, they come together to produce a heightened state of happiness as they all go down smoothly into your lungs. As you exhale the vapor from Sweet Fusion you’ll taste the distinct candy flavor that doesn’t require any chewing or sucking to obtain. While this e juice may mimic the flavor of the famous fruity candy, it surpasses it in convenience through its superior medium of vape. Keep the flavor you love in a better form through Sweet Fusion e liquid.

Primary Flavors: Fruit, Candy

Watermelon Slice – Dinner Lady | 60ml

Just grab a knife, slice a piece of watermelon and enjoy whenever you feel like it. If only it were that easy… Now it is through Watermelon Slices e liquid. Skip the carving and pink stains on your favorite summer clothes. Just fill your tank with this remarkably refreshing e juice and you’re good to go for a magical melon treat any time you please. Take a pull of vapor from Watermelon Slices and let your worries drift away. You’ll feel the sweet flavor of natural watermelon juices pour over your palate. However, they aren’t too sweet to discourage you from repeated use. The flavor is just right, mild and exemplary at the same time. The presence of a few tart tannins serves to excellently balance out the sweetness of the melon. Other than making you feel relieved, refreshed and extremely satisfied, the flavonoids from Watermelon Slices e liquid will quench your thirst, rather than drying it out like the other guys’ sweet e juices. As you exhale you’ll notice the presence of candy flavor to leave a lasting impression of sweet tastiness on your lips and a childlike feeling of sugar-induced happiness in your mind. There are plenty of competitors who offer watermelon flavored vape juices. However, none combine the fresh, natural flavor of the most magnificent melon with the sweet sensation of delicious candy in such an expertly developed fashion. Keep your mind at ease, your taste buds pleased and your tank filled with Watermelon Slices e liquid. Once you try it you’ll never glance at another watermelon or candy vape juice with even a hint of curiosity, for you’ll know you already have the best there is to offer.

Primary Flavors: Watermelon, Candy

Papaya Punch – CRFT | 30ml

**Note: This Product Is Only Intended For Use In Pods/Cigalikes**

Kiss those winter blues goodbye! Papaya Punch is here to bright that sunshine back into your life. Salt E Liquid knows how much people need an extra kick of refreshment injected into their routine so they produced a tropical fruit blend that will have you running circles around all of your friends. Imagine how lovely it would be if you won an amazing vacation on some far away beach front that has glittering white sand and crystal blue waters. The doldrums of your every day life are completely gone to the wayside and the only thing on your mind is just what you are going to choose off of the menu for supper. We can all dream, right? This vape juice blend will make that dreaming so much easier than you could have ever thought. When you take a few moments to fire up your mod, you can close your eyes, inhale this juice and instantly be put into that vacation ready mood. A tropical, succulent papaya flavor really shines with Salt E Liquid’s ability to recreate flavors with a huge amount of authenticity and attention to different notes and undertones. Bold, sweet and juicy, this is proof of how far vape juices have really come. If you close your eyes, relax yourself and really focus on the flavor, your mind can really be tricked into thinking this is the real deal, plucked right off of the tree just for your personal enjoyment. So let yourself go and drift away like an island breeze, the sun the sand and the fun is only an inhale away. At least with vaping you won’t have to worry about the airline overbooking your flight and losing your bags!

**This product is made with salt nicotine.**

Primary Flavors: Papaya

Donuts – Fuggin | 120ml

Fresh, hot, delicious… a soft complex donut taste topped with pink strawberry frosting and colored sprinkles…. its an all day vape…. even addictive without the nic. Goes great with a cup of fuggin Joe.

CheeBerry – Fuggin | 120ml

Thick and creamy New York cheesecake drizzled in strawberry syrup and topped off with some ripe, fresh strawberries! The dessert Vape that you must try!

Peach – Salt POP | 30ml

Dead on!! That’s what people are saying about this sweet, yet slightly tart treat. Satisfy your sweet tooth through every exhale.

Available in 30ml.

Available in 45MG.


Insanely delicious butterscotch doughnut, Malaysia’s best creamy and desert flavor line!


Rockstar company


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